Speakers 2023

Meet Our First Speakers

To inspire and to be inspired.

Discover our talented and captivating speakers who are as passionate about the Tomatis® Method as they are about client care and results.

Dr. Joanna Ratynska

Ear, Nose & Throat specialist and Tomatis® consultant L4 and Trainer – Poland

Joanna will present the results of a 5-year research study on the Tomatis® Method in patients with central auditory processing disorder conducted at the Children’s Hospital of Warsaw.

Dr. Sanjay Subbaiah

Ear, Nose & Throat specialist with expertise in treating voice and swallowing, Tomatis® Consultant L3 – India

Sanjay will discuss the latest research in the field of auditory processing and present the results of a study on voice disorders.

Dr. Sharmila Quenim Herr

Speech & Language Pathologist and Tomatis® Consultant L4 – USA

Sharmila will present the findings of her PhD thesis on auditory processing disorder and discuss a research model that can be duplicated to prove the efficiency of the Tomatis® Method on a larger scale.

Maude Leroux

Occupational Therapist and Tomatis® Consultant and Trainer L4 – USA

During her presentation, Maude will talk about  Interoception and Bone Conduction. Specifically, she will discuss the current scientific understanding of Interoception, neuro-anatomy, and Dr. S. Porges’ poly-vagal theory &  share insights that Dr. Tomatis’ exhibited in the bone conduction component of the Tomatis® program.

Françoise Nicoloff

Director of Australian Tomatis® Method, Tomatis® Consultant L4 and Trainer – Australia

Françoise is a registered psychologist with 40+ years of experience. With expertise in auditory processing and sensory disorder, she will talk to us about “Can APD co-exist with hearing loss? A case study about an adult.”

Thierry Gaujarengues

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Tomatis® Developpment SA – Luxembourg

In sync with our theme – ‘A dream come true’, Thierry will share his vision of a positive revolution to improve the practice and efficiency of Tomatis® professionals.

Jean-Pierre Granier

Cognitive Psychologist and Tomatis® Consultant L4 and Training Director at TDSA – France

Jean-Pierre will introduce a new approach to analyze the Listening Test to enhance understanding of clients’ listening profiles.

Guillaume Peter

Chief Marketing Officer at Tomatis® Developpment SA – Luxembourg

Guillaume will present the Marketing Toolbox, a comprehensive solution for building and developing your practice (business).

Valérie Gas

Clinical Psychologist, Tomatis® Consultant & International Trainer – France

Join valerie in discovering the new TED platform, its new questionnaires for children and adults, both based on the 3 zones, its new features and its results dashboard.