There is still time to watch the recordings of all the presentations, the case study results and the Summit 2022 Q&A sessions to enrich your practice. Offer reserved for certified Tomatis® professionals.

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Every 2 years since 2001 we have invited you to meet in magnificent places so that everyone can exchange, and perfect your knowledge of the Tomatis Method.Unfortunately, this year again, the global situation disrupted our plans. Convinced of the importance of keeping in touch with our Professionals, we have decided for the 2nd consecutive year to organize an online Summit. It will take place on September 9th and 10th. We all know how important it is for you to be able to regularly update your knowledge of the Method and to benefit from continuous training throughout your Tomatis activity.

Don't miss these two half days of learning and growing! You will enjoy exciting webinars on various topics and have the opportunity to participate in specific tailored workshops depending on your level of training.

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Learn from confirmed experts and real life success stories. Get to know best practices to apply in your work.

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Understand how to transform your practice as the technology continues to move forward.

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Connect with international network of passionate professionals and researchers, share experiences and learn new ways of working.


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LISTEN TO THE Event Speakers

Kara Tavolacci

Tomatis® Consultant and occupational therapist

Jean-Pierre Granier

Cognitive Psychologist and Director of Tomatis® Training

Valérie Gas

Clinical psychologist and systemic family therapist, Tomatis® Trainer

Charlotte Davies

Science of Education Specialist, Director of Fit 2 Learn and Tomatis® Consultant

Françoise Nicoloff

Clinical Psychologist , Tomatis® Trainer

Hilde Tinkl and Barbara Thima

Tomatis® Consultants, Pedagogues

Thibaut Bosworth

English Fluency coach

Guillaume Peter

Chief Marketing Officer at Tomatis Développement S.A.

Thierry Gaujarengues



Enrich your practice, regardless of your training level. These two afternoons of presentations on Tomatis® Method Tools, Study Results, and an interactive Q&A panel will accelerate your progress & answer some important questions you may have.

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Whatever your level of training Enrich your practice!